Our objective is to encourage and promote gender equality and women empowerment in Latin America.

Angélica Fuentes

Angélica Fuentes is one of Latin America’s most recognized businesswoman and philanthropist and is renowned as one of Mexico’s most influential woman according to Forbes magazine.

In her thirty-year career, she has served as CEO of a global nutrition company, an international cosmetics brand, and a major natural gas distributor.

In the past 26 years, she has been involved with NGO’s, international organizations and
professional groups that support women’s causes. Currently, she co-chairs the ABC Foundation and the World Economic Forum’s Mexico Gender Parity Taskforce, an IMF initiative. She is also a member of the International Council on Women’s Business Leadership, created by Hillary Clinton; she is a Global Defender for the Girl Up campaign, a program of the UN Foundation, and she was the first woman to receive the CEO Leadership Award for championing the Women’s Empowerment Principles (WEPs).

In 2014, she established the Angélica Fuentes Foundation, the philanthropic culmination of her life’s commitment with women’s causes. The Foundation is an organization with headquarters in Mexico and the U.S., focused on Women Empowerment and Gender Equality as one of the most efficient tools for social, economic en environmental development. One of the main initiatives of the Angélica Fuentes Foundation is FoCo, a series of forums that showcase prominent personalities whose aim is to stimulate cooperation and increase the visibility of the subject of women empowerment.

About the Foundation


Our history

What motivates us

  • Labor force and female participation


    Labor force and female participation

    Women is estimated at an average 50% worldwide, varying from 21% in the Middle East to 63% in East Asia.

  • Beyond gender : economies of empowerment and inclusion


    Beyond gender : economies of empowerment and inclusion

    Women employment levels equating to men’s, and accounting for a productivity drag from initial inexperience and 1/3 part-time employment at 60% of full time hours, are estimated to provide a Gross GDP increase of 17% in the Americas.

  • Gender equality and empowerment


    Gender equality and empowerment

    Total improvement in women’s overall quality of life directly impacts wellbeing, community, development and economic growth.

What we do


(Español) The Foundation works with the goal of maximizing its main purpose: that is, to positively impact the variation of the indicators of inclusion, development and pay equity in the Latin American communities and countries where it is present.




Pay equity

We work with

We promote studies and projects made by the civil society, research centers and academic institutions that draw conclusions and suggest specific legal and regulatory adjustments that are conducive to improving the conditions of gender equality in the different countries and communities where we work.
We partner with multilateral organizations and large global non-profit organizations with a two-sided goal in mind: first, we are up to date with the best global practices to adopt and replicate the models and frameworks to empower women in Latin America that will allow us to increase our efficiency, and second, we act as a facilitator when the work of these organizations is required in order to avoid duplicating projects and/or maximizing the aggregate impact of different projects and efforts.
Direct social investment
Every year, we identify the organizations that have had the most impact in the region in terms of promoting gender equality to provide financial support through donations to help them achieve specific goals within a predetermined time frame that will have a direct impact on the indicators of inclusion, development and pay equity in Latin America.

Portfolio Optimization

Portfolio optimization is a concept usually associated with economic investments that seek to maximize profits. The Angélica Fuentes Foundation adopts tools from these for-profit models to achieve the highest social profit in the region based on inclusion, development and pay equity for women and youth in Latin America.

Every year, the Foundation evaluates the different projects it can support or become involved in based on how much each can contribute to the total progress of indicators of gender equality and woman empowerment in the region. That is to say, we intend to quantify:

1. The potential impact each project has on indicators of inclusion, development and pay equity in the community or communities in question.

2. The time required to achieve said impact.

3. The possible risk of partially achieving the goal or not.

Based on the different opportunities to support the various projects that we have access to in different countries and communities, as well as the 3 different areas of action (government and public policies, multilateral organizations and NGO’s and direct social investment), we seek to build a combination of sponsored projects that offer the highest total potential impact with the least possible risk, given our strengths as an organization and – at the same time -, our existing restrictions*.